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If you are in the process of planning your business, have just started trading or have been in business for some time, Causeway Enterprise Agency can provide you with the tailored support you need to manage it more efficiently, productively and profitably.

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Latest News

01-Dec-2017 Women in Business – The Power of Stories

Karise Hutchinson has a story to tell. In fact, she probably has many stories. Karise is the mother of four children, wife of a micro business owner, a lecturer and the Provost of the Ulster University’s Coleraine Campus.

On the day after the launch of her book ‘The Power of Stories’, Karise joined us, an interested group of female business owners and leaders, to tell us how stories make connections for learning and bring issues to life. With an interest in management and leadership, Karise has explored the value of stories to business owners. Stories for business owners and managers, are not just marketing tools, they reflect reality. Stories for business owners and managers are not fiction, but are the facts and emotion on which our businesses are built.

We all have a story to tell. Our story tells the reality of what we have experienced, our own successes, our own struggles. In telling our story, we engage all the senses of the listener, and involve them in what we are offering.

Stories can help us create loyal customers. Karise explained that stories are like post-its stuck on a page, stories are almost ‘sticky memories’, and customers remember them. Stories help customers learn about the shape, the smell, the sound, the experience of our products and services. Stories cut through the noise of life, emails, tweets, texts and leave the customer with an experience which will be remembered because it has had an impact.

Some of us were sceptical; some of us were nervous and some of us doodled on our pages when Karise encouraged us to record our own story. However, when a few of the women in the room did tell their story, we listened, we engaged and we were involved, more importantly after the Women in Business event we still remember those stories.

You can purchase Dr Hutchinson's book HERE

04-Oct-2017 When Passion meets Purpose #Lead2Grow

September ended on a high for the team here at CEA when we opened the doors to our second Lead2Grow conference hosted in the freshly renovated and beautifully located Riverside theatre in partnership again with Ulster University.

It was a sell out event, live streamed to the globe and as we write this today we are wondering how we can capture all the amazing learning from the stellar cast of speakers, but we will try!

Leadership, being a leader, the leader, becoming a leader; are all terms that some of the best leaders struggle with, are great leaders born or made? This very struggle is the reason we created Lead2Grow. Dr Karise Hutchinson opened the conference explaining that we are a small business economy, that as a community or Tribe, as we learnt on Friday, we need our business leaders to generate wealth for us all to prosper. Karise reminded us that leadership development was key to successful businesses of all sizes.

So what did we learn? Here are our takeaways and if you were there and want a refresh or couldn’t make it and want to learn more, the link to the live stream is at the bottom of this blog.

Jill Robb - Origin Digital

Jill gave us a whistle stop tour of all things digital from her Snapchat glasses for catching video on the move to the fact that in the last 6 years the number of marketing platforms available has risen from 150-1500, truly mind blowing, where do you start? She suggested answering a question, “What issue/problem/pain are you going to solve for your customer?”, Create a strategy, a plan, pick your channels, choose your tactics, measure to see what works well and turn your customers into advocates.

The Panel

Our Panel was diverse, including Fiona Bradley, a leadership coach, Andrew Lynas, MD of a £100m+ food business, Paula Hillman, MBE, PSNI Chief Superintendent, and Tre Sheppard of Hope & Fury Records. 

Our host for the day Mark Carruthers chaired an inspiring Q&A session with our panel, there was so much learning, here are some of their Top Tips;


Do what you are good at, don’t be all things to all people

Your Talent Pool is critical – get the right people on your bus

Leaders are Culture Chiefs, set the values and create the culture

Great leaders coach, mentor and empower their team to become leaders in their own right

Leaders use the language of success

The Keynote Speakers

After a quick cup of tea, we were ready for our Keynote, one of the top 20 speakers and futurologists in the world Patrick Dixon, accompanied by his associate Ravi Dua of Global Innovations….

To say that Patrick burst onto the stage is an understatement, he launched into to telling us that he encounters ‘institutional blindness’ everywhere he goes, that often simple things were being missed and over looked by leaders around the world.

He said, ’take off the glasses and avoid losing perspective’ and used a simple story of his time as a waiter. He learned quickly that if he smiled and was speedy and courteous his tips would be good, compared to a restaurant he was recently at where all the guests were using the torch on their phones to read the menu! No one can take their customers for granted today. Create some magic for our organisations by making small changes - move with change for success

One of the most arresting slides of the day was titled:


Do things you believe in

It could sound glib, even condescending coming from anyone else but Patrick went on to describe the world as it has become, he described the FUTURE as Fast, Urban, Tribal, Universal, Radical, Ethical, as small business we have the ability to be agile, reach out and grow our tribes based on the Trust we build with them.

He illustrated how impatient we have all become, if a video hasn’t loaded within 3 seconds we have lost interest! As leaders we need to connect with our emotion - our passions – our needs – our customers needs!

Ravi then encouraged us all to tear up the old roadmap of how to create and grow a business, he suggested like Patrick that we needed to go deeper find our inner compass…. where Passion meets Purpose.

If 85% of the worlds population is living in emerging countries, then they are our market, we need to Lead2Grow and go Local2Global….

The challenge is set and we are here to help whether you haven’t started yet, have just started or have been in business for a while.

A final thought on an amazing few hours spent with inspiring people, in the Riverside Theatre at Ulster University in Coleraine, overlooking the beautiful River Bann, How lucky are we…comes from our CEO Jayne Taggart.

“I truly hope you enjoyed the day and that we have inspired lots of new ideas to help you as leaders grow your business. Let’s not be a Kodak, let’s look forwards instead of backwards. In the 1920’s a business was expected to have a lifespan of 67 years, today its 15, the landscape is constantly changing, the companies that win invest in their staff and in themselves as leaders. Don’t get left behind.”

View the Livestream of the event here

View the full galley of the event here

Attendee? A further email will be released, distributing slides and an evaluation to capture your thoughts. Keep an eye on your inbox!


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Latest Events

Be Remarkable, Be Radical, Be Relentless

Building Better Businesses Together.

Date    24th January 2018
Time   3.00pm - 5.00pm
Location   Bannview E205/206 
    Ulster University 
    Cromore Road 
    BT52 1SA 
Cost    Free 

Limited places released


Ulster University is Hosting a Research and Business-Together Meet-Up


  • Reset your point of view.
  • Rewire your thinking.
  • Revisit your business.
  • Revitalise and grow the North Coast. 

With uncertainty and limited resources we need to create a network of broad and bright thinking, business builders.

Become part of an active meet up group to explore possibilities, discuss dilemmas and find opportunities to revolutionise the way we do things.

To be remarkable, we must be radical and relentless.

Ulster University, Northern Regional College and Causeway Enterprise Agency is determined to move us onwards.

Alistair Fee will present key global findings and share effective ideas.

Over the two hour workshop we will examine

  • What we do, would like to do, need to do.
  • Where we do it, can we do it better and with whom.
  • Why we do it, why it matters and does it add value.
  • How we do it now and how we will do it in the future.
  • Who we are and who can help us.

Blending ideas, working together, the wisdom of groups, new points of view, an afternoon of networking, reflection and outcomes.

Optional Task

We ask you to bring to the event up to 3 problems you have identified in the region. These can be general, or specific to your business.

Together we can identify factors that we can fix.

About the Speaker


Alistair Fee takes special interest in International Trade, Marketing, Radical Ideas, Product Creation and Design

He has evaluated business start ups, manufacturing and marketing techniques in 65 countries including Afghanistan and Zimbabwe,

His interests include Anti Aircraft missiles, crushed seaweed, body armour, spy satellites and their use in personal medical diagnostics, bouncy chocolate, edible packaging, thinking bicycle lights, and toilet paper made from elephant dung.

Committed to Economic Regeneration, Alistair facilitates active business design courses in N Ireland and in European start ups .

He runs challenging workshops in business start up, marketing, innovation, leadership, and creativity in business accelerators including a highly ranked MBA for top Swiss companies.

A Consulting Professor to many foundations, a former Faculty Fellow at Stanford and Business Partner at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute he has broad experience of enterprise development around the world.

Currently running Workshops at Queen’s University Belfast, Munich University of Applied Sciences, European Institute of Innovation and Technology and UCD Innovation Academy he is a European Subject Matter Expert in Business Innovation and Creativity.

He is Patron of ,the Munich University Entrepreneurship Alliance and has advised BT, BMW, Audi, Bombardier Aerospace, PSNI, Lufthansa, Telefonica on Marketing and Innovative initiatives

With over 25 years experience in international markets, Alistair has excellent knowledge of world markets and has a special interest in the Greater Coleraine Metropolitan Area.

He is keen to develop N Ireland as a centre of business excellence .

He believes our economic future starts here, right now and evermore.


HMRC Webinars for Self Assessment


Leading up to 31 January 2018, HMRC is delivering an exciting selection of help and support for SMEs to complete their 2016-17 tax return


How to complete your online tax return:

Get the help you need completing your Self Assessment tax return. We’ll cover signing in and filling in the self-employment section, viewing your calculation and budgeting for your payments.

Book here


Business Expenses for the self-employed:

Do your members know which business expenses are allowable? Find out about typical allowable expenses, including working from home and motoring expenses.

Book here


Car expenses for the self-employed:

Find out what a business journey is, how to claim motoring expenses using the actual costs or flat rate method, when to claim capital allowances and how to deal with lease charges.

Book here


Record keeping for the self employed:

How to keep records, set up a records system and how long to keep records.

Book here


Self-employed - your payments to HMRC:

This webinar covers your income tax bill, the different types of National Insurance you may have to pay and what happens when you’re employed and self-employed at the same time. We’ll also tell you about budgeting for your first bill and how to pay HMRC.

Book here


Self-employment Help and Support:

This webinar is aimed at sole traders and self-employed partnerships, covering topics affecting small businesses, including business expenses, Cash Basis and Self Assessment tax returns.

Book here


Self Assessment Help and Support:

This webinar covers general questions about your tax return and business expenses if you’re self-employed.

Book here



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