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Digital Marketing for SMEs

Date: 07-Dec-2017


Date    Thursday 7th December 2017 
Time    9.00am - 11.30am
Location    Causeway Enterprise Agency 
    Loughanhill Industrial Estate 
    BT52 2NR 
Cost    FREE 

Digital marketing is the umbrella term for all of a company’s online marketing efforts. This term covers all online marketing strategies, such as the company website, social media platforms, email campaigns and paid search to connect with both current and prospective clients.

In today’s world of shortened attention spans and so much surrounding digital ‘noise’, it is vital for businesses to connect with their audience at the right time, in the right place and via the right messaging. It doesn’t matter where the business or customers are located anymore, or the size of the organisation – the internet has evened out the playing field for everyone, and made every business’s products/services accessible to anyone, from anywhere. It’s just a matter of standing out.

This 2.5 hour session will consist of a brief introduction to digital marketing for SMEs, followed by several workshops that will cover different digital marketing tactics that can be used to generate more leads, gain customers and increase sales.

Why attend:

  • Find out about digital marketing and how utilising online channels can attract customers that are genuinely interested in your products/services
  • Learn how to develop key customer persona’s, and how to create different content for each segment that promotes your USP
  • Differentiate between marketing assets, and the tactics you can utilise to help get found online
  • Determine the right channels to market that will deliver the greatest results
  • What KPIs and marketing metrics can be used to determine ROI


• Required