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The Speakeasy Club - overcome your reluctance to speak in public

Date: 15-Jan-2018

Have you ever wondered what it takes to present your own TV show? Would you feel prepared to do an interview on TV or radio? Do you feel ready to speak in front of a large crowd?

If like a great number of people, you find that your reluctance to speak in public can hold you back, then we have good news for you. Public speaking is not a talent, it is a skill. And it is a skill that can be learnt with practice.

The Speakeasy Club offers you a safe, supportive environment, where you can build up your skills over week-on-week under the guidance of experienced facilitators. At the Speakeasy Club, we’ve helped people to:

  • Deliver persuasive sales pitches to win new business.
  • Develop killer keynote addresses
  • Prepare for a promotion at work.
  • Present on persuasive promotional videos for their company.
  • Prepare for interviews on TV and radio
  • Prepare for a TED Talk.

There are limited Early Bird tickets available offering you 10% off the list price. But hurry, they expire on December 5th!

The Speakeasy Club takes place in Coleraine over four Monday evenings from January 15th – February 5th 2018

Other Speakeasy Club attendees have said:

‘Really liked learning to present with people that share the same fears’
‘I learnt modern presentation styles’
‘Warm and encouraging facilitators have an effect on the energy level in the room’

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