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Starting a Business in Coleraine

If you are in the process of planning your business, have just started trading or have been in business for some time, Causeway Enterprise Agency can provide you with the tailored support you need to manage it more efficiently, productively and profitably.



The Honourable The Irish Society is providing financial support for three years to the Causeway Business Education Partnership to assist with the facilitation of a key event that promotes the message of business and enterprise to our local schools within the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council. CBEP services a total of 19 post primary schools across the borough and through its activities will engage over 1600 young people.

Edward Montgomery, The Honourable The Irish Society said: “We are delighted to support the Causeway Business Education Partnership for the next three years. It is very important our young people are made fully aware of all the opportunities available to them on leaving school”

David Grainger, Chairman Causeway Business Education Partnership said: “It is great to have The Honourable The Irish Society as a sponsor again this year and have their commitment to sponsor for three years. The events that CBEP deliver in partnership with Causeway Enterprise Agency greatly benefit pupils throughout the Borough and help them to focus on possible career and further education opportunities”.

Causeway Business Education supported by the Honourable the Irish Society


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Time on our minds - the most precious commodity of the entrepreneur

Taking the time to reflect, to learn and to grow a business is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and we have never been reminded of that fact more so than when we recently hosted a Women in Business Networking Lunch with Tanya Gillen, founder of The Arcadia in Portrush. During her presentation, Tanya shared her experience of discovering how work smart, how to be more efficient and effective by, wait for it, taking some time out, by creating time and space for yourself, by investing in that precious commodity of time. As we listened to Tanya talk about how she made the transition from busy TV producer to pursuing her dream opening her own yoga centre in the previously derelict and iconic Arcadia building in Portrush, delegates realised that time was a key factor in her success.

Just like many female entrepreneurs, Tanya is a busy working mum and is a real perfectionist so time is really precious and something that she felt she had little to spare. Yet when she paused and invested some time to think about and reflect upon her business she got great results. She made decisions that challenged her way of thinking and hasn’t looked back. As we listened to Tanya we all realised that we need to take a bit of time to think about how we can streamline processes within our business to free us up to work on the things that only we as the business owner can do; those tasks that require the personal touch.

Tanya rounded off her presentation with a meditation exercise when she asked us “what would you do now if nothing was holding your back?”

We asked one of the delegates, Debbie Rymer, founder of SAND Marketing, Porstewart what her thoughts were. Here’s what she shared:

“ I would A) employ someone, B) get a solicitor to handle my legal issues and C) get myself a mentor and guess what? A solicitor who’s office specialises in my needs was sat right beside me, another female entrepreneur who started her business a number of years ago offered me some mentoring and I had an epiphany about a young lady who would be a great staff member for me and all of this happened because I took the time to attend this event.

So you see, while I thought I could not afford the time to go to this networking lunch, attending it has in fact saved me mountains of time, and to be very honest, has given me some much needed perspective. I solved my legal problems, I have a marvellous new mentor who has been there, done that, I met a new client and I now have a new staff member, which has doubled my capacity as well as creating a wonderful opportunity to an aspiring young marketer. The result? I am being freed up to work on some other projects that are calling my name and will result in a more profitable business model”

We all need to “take time to make time”. This event reminded us of the power of learning from others, of connecting with other entrepreneurs and of the fantastic network of support that we women in business can offer each other, Chances are another woman in the room offers a solution to your problem and you in turn offer a solution to someone else’s. Next time you think you haven’t time to attend a seminar or a networking lunch I strongly urge you to make the time! You never know it might just help you to free up some time in the longer run.

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Time on our minds - the most precious commodity of the entrepreneur



It’s early January and the New Year’s resolutions are still intact. A group of dynamic ladies joined us at Causeway Enterprise Agency for that unique blend of inspiration and coffee that our Women in Business events always offer. Fiona Bradley facilitated a session with the very apt title ‘New Year – new mindset for success in 2017’. After grabbing a coffee and a luscious raspberry and white scone, we took the opportunity to connect with our fellow female entrepreneurs, particularly seeking out introductions with those ladies we were meeting for the first time. Together, we spent a couple hours focused on a positive mindset and obliterating those barriers that impede progress.

The great theologian and poet Francois Fenelon once said, ‘The more you say, the less people remember’. It can be said that it’s always the mark of an excellent event, when the participants have more to say than the facilitator, yet we all go home having learnt something. In the group, we talked about where we want to be in 2017, and we realised everyone has different priorities. And when it comes to surmounting roadblocks, everyone listened to how other people in the group have overcome something similar. That’s collaborative learning at its best!

Fiona kept the pace moving nicely, and did a great job of bringing ideas out for everyone’s benefit. Hopefully we all learnt the resilience to stick to our resolutions beyond the last week in January for once! There was a sense of a collective goal for 2017 around us adopting a positive mindset and taking small steps each day towards achieving our vision.


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A New Mindset for Success in 2017!



Seen here recently receiving ‘Best in Professional Services-Small Business’, is winner Jayne Taggart Chief Executive of the Causeway Enterprise Agency Coleraine, presented by Women in Business with Sponsor Representative from the Progressive Building Society.

Jayne brings home ‘Women in Business Award’ to the North Coast.

In recognition of the exceptional work delivered by Jayne Taggart CEO of the Causeway Enterprise Agency in Coleraine, Women in Business has presented Jayne with the ‘Best in Professional Services – Small Business’ Award.

The annual award ceremony showcases and acknowledges the hard work and achievements of some of the most successful, entrepreneurial and inspiring business women throughout Northern Ireland. Now in their 6th year, all sectors and industries are invited so that the best of home grown female entrepreneurs are recognised. This is particularly for the valuable contribution that women make to the economic life of Northern Ireland.

Jayne Taggart, Chief Executive Causeway Enterprise Agency Coleraine, is an ambassador and coordinator of the Women in Business network for the Causeway Coast & Glens area. Proactively developing opportunities for business networking events, these are held throughout the north coast inviting members and non-members to participate.

Upon receiving her award, Jayne stated “this is a great honour for me and my team at the CEA. I wish to acknowledge their support, as we are all very passionate about making the north coast a great place to do business.

“I genuinely feel privileged to do the work we do, supporting our start-ups and micro businesses within the area. It is a rewarding position, to be able to support others to realise their dreams. Making that leap of faith to start your own business shows great courage, particularly for female entrepreneurs”.

John Armstrong, Chairman of the Causeway Enterprise Agency stated, “We are delighted to hear of Jayne’s success in the Women in Business awards. This reflects accurately her professional efforts in the local community and as CEO of Causeway Enterprise Agency she is delivering on the ambitious strategic goals that have been set by the Board.”

This award was judged on businesswoman who consistently exceed the requirements of internal and external customers. This includes consistently meeting or exceeding challenging objectives, delivering the highest levels of service responsiveness and innovation within a professional practice.

Jayne continued, “We have some amazing ambassadors and role models in this area and it was fantastic to see three of them recognised for their business development. These include winner of the ‘WIB Excellence in IT’ award Sue McLaughlin of Bluebird Care and finalists Geri Martin of Chocolate Manor and Alex McGarry of The Bubbly Bar.

“I strongly encourage any new entrepreneurs, especially women, to come forward with their ideas, and avail of the opportunities to showcase their achievements and support others. These awards put out a strong message that women across the country are making a positive contribution to our local economy. I extend a warm welcome for more to join our local network, and enjoy the benefits of networking with a group of like-minded women, sharing the challenges and journey of running a business, and who knows…become future award nominees and winners themselves!”

For a list of the forthcoming Women in Business networking events and other opportunities provided by the Causeway Enterprise Agency Coleraine, go to with additional information available on Facebook and Twitter, or telephone 028 7035 6318

Jayne brings home ‘Women in Business Award’ to the North Coast


"Think before you ink" was Debbie's key massage at our Women in Business NI event last week where she introduced us all to a new way of delivering our brand stories, guaranteeing enjoyable and highly shareable posts & blogs that our audience will remember!

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Game on - Business Story Telling Simplified


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Minister for Justice, MLA Claire Sugden and Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Alderman Maura Hickey were key speakers at the recent ‘Women in Leadership’ event. Organised by the Causeway Enterprise Agency in association with Women in Business on 9th September at Flowerfield Arts Centre Portstewart, it brought together female leaders to hear the political leaders speak.


Hosted by media presenter Sarah Travers, the event was a huge success with women attending from all over the borough to hear the ladies share their leadership experiences and skills as they both work in our political arena representing very different communities.


Minister for Justice Claire Sugden shared her journey on how she became Minister for Justice and how she will continue to represent her local constituency as this is where she was originally voted into office. Minister Sugden is a strong role model, who is young, vibrant and open to discussing issues which many other political leaders tend to shy away from. As an Independent, she also has the political opportunity to address issues and push the system farther than many of her counterparts due to their party politic restrictions.


Mayor Maura Hickey was equally engaging as she took guests through her journey of the troubles when living in Belfast during the seventies, bringing up a family and how she ran a campaign to ensure the first SDLP representative was voted into Belfast City Council. She has continued her journey when she moved to Portstewart and strongly believes in the north coast and what the borough can achieve with the right leadership. Maura is a leader in her local party, and continues to drive development forward for the Borough as she aims to represent both sides of the community. Both ladies worked together when they were councillors in the legacy Coleraine Borough Council and endeavour to deliver strong leadership in their fields.


Jayne Taggart, Chief Executive Causeway Enterprise Agency Coleraine stated, “Mayor Hickey is an exceptional role model ,making a very significant contribution to our Borough since she came into office and everyone has nothing but praise for her in her leadership role. We are also all very proud of Minister Sugden and continue to support her in her achievements at Stormont.


“What came across from speakers including those on the panel, was how open and honest they were in terms of their roles, their journey and their challenges. What struck me was that they are ordinary women who have self-belief and the confidence to grab the opportunities life has thrown at them and in doing so they are making a real difference in our community.


“The event also showed how those attending have the same purpose and potential. I would like to personally thanks all those for coming particularly our Minister and Mayor as it was a great event and a great networking opportunity.”


For a list of the forthcoming Women in Business networking events and other opportunities provided by the Causeway Enterprise Agency Coleraine, go to with additional information available on Facebook and Twitter, or telephone 028 7035 6318.


Women in Leadership, leading the way from the North Coast.


Allprint Design & Print is a well-established label printing company established in 2002 and has built up an enviable reputation over the last 10 years. The company owner Norman Malcolmson is proud of his commitment to providing a professional, speedy and high quality service to customers. But, in the 14 years of running his business, Norman had never engaged in business workshops before, never mind a leadership programme. Like many established micro business owners multitasking across the firm, Norman needed make the transition from micro manager to strategic leader and opportunity knocked when Lead2Grow was launched this year.


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Designing a New Future!



Minister for Justice, MLA Claire Sugden and Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Alderman Maura Hickey will be keynote speakers at an event focusing on Women in Leadership next month in Portstewart.

Jayne Taggart Chief Executive Causeway Enterprise Agency, has organised the event in association with ‘Women in Business’, which media presenter Sarah Travers will be hosting. The discussion will be aimed at providing an insight into the women leading our community through politics along with a panel of other female elected members from Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.

Jayne said, “a series of events have been scheduled focusing at Women in Business in our Borough. The Women in Leadership event is the first of the season, which will be held in Flowerfield Arts Centre Portstewart on 9th September from 9.30am until 11.30am.

Having two of our most influential political women coming from our Borough and at this event is a significant opportunity for everyone to come along. I believe it will support us to understand how politics is part of our everyday lives and how it’s important that we embrace it to improve and influence our local communities, specifically our business community.

“For our female entrepreneurs, this will be a valued opportunity for you to put forward what the issues are for you in business and how our politicians can support you.”


For more information and to book your place visit our EVENT PAGE


Women in Leadership


A new inspirational and innovative space has been created in Bushmills to support the design and commercial exchange of contemporary crafts and artisan giftware. The Designerie, situated on the main street, is open six days per week and some evenings for craft workshops.

The location which also hosts additional space for group bookings, has been established in Bushmills by the Causeway Enterprise Agency Coleraine, which is a non-profit organisation redirecting funds supporting enterprise in the Borough. Funding to develop the project was secured from the Community Coastal fund as well as the former Moyle District Council at the time of development.

The Designerie is a place where people can create, shop and connect as the location provides space to sell exclusive and hand-crafted home & giftware, available for purchase in store and very soon, via an online shop.

As you enter the Designerie, a treasure trove of gifts wait to be explored, the overall atmosphere of the location is warm and inviting with so much to offer. To the rear of the shop is designated studio space where many of the planned workshops will be held as a sanctuary for learning and enjoyment. Future plans have identified a potential 6,000 square feet on the first floor of collective artistic space, where artists and crafters will also be able to work as individuals or collaborate on joint projects.

Jayne Taggart, Chief Executive of the Causeway Enterprise Agency stated, “The Designerie is definitely unique in design and experience. We are trying very hard to make this a unique retail offering, something different to what is being offered in the locality.

“We have attracted over seventy artists from all over the country, to provide their products ranging from handmade jewellery, furniture, glassware, ornaments from hand carved wood, and the list goes on, but we definitely have room for more. Some of our artists have already provided items for presidents and royalty, but we believe that everyone is special when they purchase a gift from The Designerie!

“An example of how diverse our artists are, range from local artist Trevor McLean, who develops bespoke furniture and artwork from locally sourced driftwood; Eleanor Jane McCartney makes interior fused glass with colours of the north coast into spectacular broaches, amazing necklaces and desirable rings as well as picture designs for the home; Helen Perry of ‘Stombolitwo’ makes specialised ladies scarves, handbags and gentlemen’s ties from kimono silk, all in glorious colours and soft to the touch; Lisa Lawlor of ‘Once upon a Dandelion’ creates reclaimed wood art, gifts and handcrafted furniture; the extraordinary Rachel Julca of Rachel Julca Designs produces beautiful original handmade items for you and your home from ceramics pictures, buttons, magnets & broaches, textiles & papercraft; and Rosie Knight of ‘Angels Unaware’ is a ceramist producing a range of personalised and creative giftware which captures the surroundings, influenced by the countryside and coast.

“The location is as unique as the artists. It attracts our local residents to source that ‘something special’ for every occasion, the tourist to purchase ‘something quite spectacular’ as a gift from the Causeway Coast, and for those of us who just like spoiling ourselves, there is something for us too!

“The whole concept of the Designerie is quite distinctive. The Causeway Enterprise Agency has gone through some radical changes to our funding and support. We as a board, knew we needed to make some changes if we were to continue supporting our local entrepreneurs and local businesses, particularly as we now have to find some quite significant funds each year which was previously sourced in grants.

“As well as organising exhibitions in-house, The Designerie also supports and promotes its artists, creating a programme to facilitate showcases of local artists. Outreach is at the core of The Designerie ethos, and we often work in tandem with local community groups and schools to create projects that will engage people in the arts.

“We have even branched out from the regular workshops and courses, to attracting children’s events and hen parties to give the public something different, as not everyone wants to go to the expense of doing what everybody else does!

“So far, we have sixteen workshops scheduled over the summer months with more being added each week to attract visitors of all levels and interests. Details for each workshop are featured on the website giving an overview of the activity and price, date, and time as well as information on the artists holding the workshop. Booking can be made online or through the shop.

“Our goal is to support individuals in our community through connected creativity. We are passionate about supporting local arts and crafts, and so we are now providing an opportunity for local artisans and crafters with a route to market and an opportunity to showcase their products.”

We'd love to hear from artists wanting to sell at the Designerie or wishing to hire the studio to facilitate deliver of their workshops, please get in touch. For more information about The Designerie, call in to our shop on 88 Main Street, Bushmills Monday to Saturday, or give us a ring on 028 2073 2606.


Designers at The Designerie – ‘The Artists Behind the Designs’



Wayne Denner, mentor in social media, recently led a masterclass in developing digital networks, with Leanne Ross of a ‘cupoflee’. Leanne is a digital blogger and well known for her bestselling book ‘Talk is Cheap – the digital PR your start up needs, but can’t afford’. The sessions were held in the Causeway Enterprise Agency in Coleraine, stemming from the successful Lead2Grow programme.

‘Content is King, and Content is Queen’ was the first in a series of masterclasses, to be held by Wayne. He went through the stages of engaging the delegates in understanding the importance to designing and creating effective content, to how to access digital PR opportunities, locally and internationally.



While Leanne took the delegates through each stage of blogging, she focused on how to write a blog and how to increase enquiries and sales through a blog. It was a new aspect of social media for many of those attending.



Jayne Taggart, Chief executive Causeway Enterprise Agency stated, “Feedback from these two sessions have been extremely positive. Many of the delegates have recently attended our Lead2Grow programme and are micro-businesses in the borough.

“The series of digital masterclasses planned for the coming months, are aimed at supporting businesses to source and benefit from online PR opportunities.

“Our masterclasses are led by some of the best mentors in the country. This was another example of an interesting and extremely beneficial workshop from the Causeway Enterprise Agency. We look forward to the next one.”

For information on this event and other opportunities being managed or held at the Causeway Enterprise Agency, contact 028 7035 6318



Content is King Masterclass