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The power of play



Tourism and Hospitality students at Ulster University Coleraine recently took part in a Lego Serious Play workshop and apart from the obvious fun of spending the day playing with Lego, the students learnt some serious Boardroom lessons!

The Serious Play workshop was organised by Causeway Enterprise Agency as part of Creativity Month with support from the Department for Communities and Ulster University. The concept of playing with children’s toys may seem strange but LEGO Serious Play is a powerful method to solve problems, explore ideas and achieve objectives. The process of building bricks and making something prompts the brain to work in a different way, and encourages creativity and new thinking.

Students started the day by competing against the clock and against each other to fulfil a simple brief to build the tallest tower out of Lego. In delivering on this simple project, students applied what they learnt to a business scenario of bidding for a £1m contract and learnt a very valuable lesson - to give the customer what he wants.

The students then recreated their goals and challenges in brick and came back together to discuss their creations. This helped to stimulate debate and really engaged all the participants and helped build their confidence in talking in front of the group.

Five local tourism businesses also joined the workshop sessions and students were presented with real life business challenges. Instead of articulating the problem, students were able to build it, and visualise how to solve it. By building a physical 3D model, students expressed what they might not otherwise be able to put into words. This method got participants to use metaphors and it helped to unlock their imagination.

By looking at problems through a different lens the Lego Serious Play workshop served as a basis for problem-solving, creative thinking and decision making.


View the full gallery from the event HERE