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Time on our minds - the most precious commodity of the entrepreneur


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Time on our minds - the most precious commodity of the entrepreneur

Taking the time to reflect, to learn and to grow a business is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and we have never been reminded of that fact more so than when we recently hosted a Women in Business Networking Lunch with Tanya Gillen, founder of The Arcadia in Portrush. During her presentation, Tanya shared her experience of discovering how work smart, how to be more efficient and effective by, wait for it, taking some time out, by creating time and space for yourself, by investing in that precious commodity of time. As we listened to Tanya talk about how she made the transition from busy TV producer to pursuing her dream opening her own yoga centre in the previously derelict and iconic Arcadia building in Portrush, delegates realised that time was a key factor in her success.

Just like many female entrepreneurs, Tanya is a busy working mum and is a real perfectionist so time is really precious and something that she felt she had little to spare. Yet when she paused and invested some time to think about and reflect upon her business she got great results. She made decisions that challenged her way of thinking and hasn’t looked back. As we listened to Tanya we all realised that we need to take a bit of time to think about how we can streamline processes within our business to free us up to work on the things that only we as the business owner can do; those tasks that require the personal touch.

Tanya rounded off her presentation with a meditation exercise when she asked us “what would you do now if nothing was holding your back?”

We asked one of the delegates, Debbie Rymer, founder of SAND Marketing, Porstewart what her thoughts were. Here’s what she shared:

“ I would A) employ someone, B) get a solicitor to handle my legal issues and C) get myself a mentor and guess what? A solicitor who’s office specialises in my needs was sat right beside me, another female entrepreneur who started her business a number of years ago offered me some mentoring and I had an epiphany about a young lady who would be a great staff member for me and all of this happened because I took the time to attend this event.

So you see, while I thought I could not afford the time to go to this networking lunch, attending it has in fact saved me mountains of time, and to be very honest, has given me some much needed perspective. I solved my legal problems, I have a marvellous new mentor who has been there, done that, I met a new client and I now have a new staff member, which has doubled my capacity as well as creating a wonderful opportunity to an aspiring young marketer. The result? I am being freed up to work on some other projects that are calling my name and will result in a more profitable business model”

We all need to “take time to make time”. This event reminded us of the power of learning from others, of connecting with other entrepreneurs and of the fantastic network of support that we women in business can offer each other, Chances are another woman in the room offers a solution to your problem and you in turn offer a solution to someone else’s. Next time you think you haven’t time to attend a seminar or a networking lunch I strongly urge you to make the time! You never know it might just help you to free up some time in the longer run.

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