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Post Primary

Area Careers Convention (delivered on behalf of CBEP)

Schools are invited to attend the Area Careers Convention which hosts in excess of 45 exhibitors representative of the local and national business community, training institutions, further and higher education from NI, GB and the Republic of Ireland.  The event will allow students and teachers to gain valuable information that will assist students to make decisions, to match skills and qualifications to their careers or further study/training.  The Convention will focus on the various skills which are needed for the current workforce – with particular reference to the local area and the whole STEM agenda.


The programme directly addresses the following learning outcomes from the Revised NI Curriculum for LLW for Key Stage 4:

  • explore self-employment and identify relevant sources of support;
  • examine the impact of globalisation on employment;
  • investigate the recruitment and retention procedures taking into account the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers;
  • consider how employees and employers might maintain an effective working environment;
  • develop a personal career plan based on relevant information and guidance.


Enterprise Awareness Masterclasses (delivered on behalf of CBEP)

The workshops’ primary objective is to develop an understanding of entrepreneurship and enterprise and help pupils gain an insight into the relevant business skills and knowledge through meeting & engaging with local entrepreneurs working within the Coleraine area.

earning outcomes include:

  • Comprehension of the concept of a Unique Selling Point/Proposition (USP);
  • Understanding of the role of Invest NI and local enterprise agencies in encouraging entrepreneurship and fostering local economic development;
  • Knowing how to obtain information on the sources of funding available to a business;
  • Understanding the 4 Ps of marketing;
  • Comprehension of the basics of financial management for a business e.g. a cash flow forecast.

Learning activities include:

  • Researching global businesses using the Internet;
  • Presenting findings to peers;
  • Group work/whole class discussions;
  • Engaging with  local entrepreneurs, visiting their businesses on site ;
  • Practice using an Excel spread sheet of how to prepare a cash flow forecast.
  • Practice using cross curricular skills of using maths, communication and ICT


The Stem Roadshow (delivered on behalf of CBEP)

Provide pupils with the opportunity to get an insight into STEM related careers and the skills that they require. Aimed at Year 8/9 pupils, the event takes place over one day at a high profile venue in a North Coast hotel, following a similar model to our Enterprise Road show that caters for the primary sector  

We intentionally gamify the workshops to ensure that the experience is entertaining, educational and fun for all participants.  The road show will feature 5 zones and the pupils will be divided into teams and these teams will rotate through the zones. Each zone will have interactive challenges and the teams will battle it out for the top spot on the game leader board.

We propose engaging experts from both industry and academia to deliver each of the interactive sessions, as they will have an excellent platform to help inspire and motivate the participants towards STEM related careers. Staff from both the University of Ulster and STEM businesses engaged in programme are recognised STEM Ambassadors we plan also to engage final year Gaming and Computing students to act as role models and STEM champions with the pupils

Typical activities that will happen in the Zones

Technology past, present and future - See some vintage technology, and compete against the other teams in an interactive quiz to win prizes.
Programming for Beginners - Big Trak Treasure Hunt.

  • Huff-n-Puff - Build a wind powered vehicle and then race it against the other teams.
  • Careers in Computing & Technology – Dr Charles will present a talk on careers in Computing with a focus on the Games Industry in Northern Ireland. Teams will then present a candidate for a job, who will enter a battle of wits against recruitment expert Emma Gunes.
  • A demo of how Mathematics simulations are used to predict real world events such as earthquakes etc.

The programme directly addresses the following learning outcomes from the employability element of the objectives of the Revised NI Curriculum for primary schools:

  • develop literacy, numeracy and ICT skills;
  • develop their aptitudes, abilities and creativity;
  • be willing to expand their learning and performance throughout their lives,
  • work independently and as a member of a team;
  • develop perseverance, initiative and flexibility;
  • be willing to take calculated risks when appropriate;
  • use critical and creative thinking to solve problems and make decisions;
  • Identify the main reasons why people set up their own business

In addition, with regards to the Personal Development and Mutual Understanding learning area, the programme enables pupils to develop:

  • Their self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • Positive attitudes to learning and achievement;
  • Responsibility and respect, honesty and fairness;
  • Constructive approaches to conflict.



Business Battleground

This is a competition for primary & post primary school students based on CBBC’s ‘Beat the Boss’ in which teams of children compete against a team of adults to come up with a product that fulfils the brief set out by the judges.

Students contribute throughout the programme to develop their class’s concept. Trainer led sessions introduce students to a range of business concepts including analysis of existing products, market research, costing materials and labour, and product trials.

The students’ and adults’ products will be produced in conjunction with an appropriate small business and the final products are ‘blind’ judged by a panel comprising local business people.

Business Battleground is funded by DSD through Coleraine Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership

Festival by Willow

The Festival by Willow initiative introduces pupils to the traditional skills of basketry and willow sculpturing with a strong emphasis on the importance of communication, building on partnerships, working together and further developing a newly acquired artistic skill through an innovative approach to a practical activity.

Each of the participating schools manufactures a life-size carnival sculpture made from willow. The participating children then take part in the parade for the Lord Mayor’s Show when they can show off their creative work.  As the schools are working together on this programme towards a final product, it clearly demonstrates to the children the importance of co-operation and partnership; an increasingly important element of any enterprise.

Festival by Willow is funded by DSD through Coleraine Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership


Coderlab is a high tech ICT lab which is used to facilitate training that provides pupils with the opportunity to get an insight into the Digital Games Technology sector and to highlight the specialist skills required for this high growth sector and exciting career opportunities that can be pursued.  The main objective is to inspire and create enthusiasm which will hopefully encourage students to further pursue learning in this highly specialist field. 

In addition to the Go Gaming classes at Coderlab, CEA also sponsors Causeway Coderdojo which is currently being delivered in Moyle on Saturday mornings.

Coderdojo is a gaming club, facilitated by voluntary mentors who work within the digital sector.  Coderdojo  provides yet another opportunity for young people between the ages of 8 – 16 to come along and learn more about gaming and app development.