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Schools are the Business Programme


  • The project supports the teachers in the effective delivery of Learning for Life and Work in the schools servicing children from the Neighbourhood Renewal Areas.
  • Introduces the children to local business people, providing role-models for enterprise.
  • Develops students’ skills and transforms attitudes, so that they have a better chance of realising their full potential.
  • Raises the self esteem and feeling of achievement among the students.

The Potato Challenge (funded by DSD through Coleraine Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership)

The objective of this initiative in an increased awareness of and pride in the local agriculture and catering sectors, an understanding of the type of careers that are available in catering and building the confidence to produce high quality food using fresh, local ingredients with the focus on using potatoes. After participating in a field trip to Tayto Castle, and a variety of fun, educational activities centred around the history of potato cultivation and the importance of agriculture and catering as employers in the local area, the students will be mentored and work alongside a local celebrity chef to produce 3 exciting and innovative dishes that incorporate potatoes as a key ingredient. The finished products will be showcased at a “Tasting Fair” at the Best Western Magherabuoy House Hotel where the pupils will work under the guidance of a chef at designated cooking stations to prepare one of their dishes.

Business Battleground (funded by DSD through Coleraine Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership)

This is a competition for primary & post primary school students based on CBBC’s ‘Beat the Boss’ (now it its fifth series) in which a team of children competes against a team of adults to come up with a product that fulfils the brief set out by the judges (e.g. ‘Design a school bag that looks good and holds everything that students need’ or ‘Design the ultimate ice cream sundae using new or unusual flavours’).

Students from every class involved in the project will contribute throughout the programme to develop their class’s concept. Sessions will be led by a course trainer who will introduce the students to a range of business concepts including analysis of existing products, market research amongst their peers, costing materials and labour, and trials of the product before it is finalised.

The students’ and adults’ products will be produced in conjunction with an appropriate small business (e.g. a clothes manufacturer for the school bag). The final products will be ‘blind’ judged by a panel comprising local business people using a set of criteria established prior to the start of the competition.

Festival by Willow (funded by DSD through Coleraine Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership)


The Festival by Willow initiative introduces pupils to the traditional skills of basketry and willow sculpturing with a strong emphasis on the importance of communication, building on partnerships, working together etc and further developing a newly acquired artistic skill through an innovative approach to a practical activity.

Each of the participating schools will be challenged to manufacture a life-size carnival sculpture made from willow.    The completed works will be displayed for the public enjoyment when the participating children take part in the parade for the Lord Mayor’s Show . As the schools are working together on this programme towards a final product, it clearly demonstrates to the children the importance of co-operation and partnership; an increasingly important element of any enterprise.


The Enterprise Roadshow


The Road Show is a one day event that will be hosted in Kellys, Portrush and features 4 zones, each being facilitated by high profile entrepreneurs delivering highly interactive activities. The event encourages interaction between students from the different schools and. provides an excellent platform for pupils to develop their enterprise capability through increasing knowledge, enhancing skills and fostering entrepreneurial attitudes 


Junior Academy – Venture Causeway (delivered on behalf of Causeway Business Education Partnership)


The aim of Venture Causeway Junior Academy is to equip KS2 school children in P7 with the skills to enable them to become more enterprising and entrepreneurial showcasing creativity and innovation in their approach to challenges.  Business mentors will be allocated to each school with the aim to support pupils in identifying a product or service that they can develop and market and bring to the panel of Venture Causeway Champions for consideration for investment

The Junior Academy will be delivered via a series of 8 workshops and mentoring sessions, culminating in a final presentation to the Business Champions.  Activities facilitated within the workshops and mentoring will promote creativity and interdependence. As a result, the programme will encourage the pupils to develop their communication skills and improve self-esteem and confidence.